Topic outline

  • Delivery model and flexibility

    The course is delivered by at least two experts from the Hazmat Academy who have spent time as Category 1 first responders, tactical advisers or sector-competent chemists. 

    Although some aspects of this course are mandatory, the flexibility offered by the Hazmat Academy enables trainers to include current local, regional and national trends, or areas of interest specific to your requirements or operational guidance. This adaptation can be implemented following discussions between a learner or their training department and the Hazmat Academy trainers in advance of the course starting.

    This course is offered over 4 days and can be completed fully in person or through a combination of in-person and distance learning. This will include practical scenarios using real chemicals, where suitable, to replicate ‘on-the-job’ learning, followed by assessments. There will be set dates for the in-person element of the course for which all learners are expected to be available. The course must be completed within 4 weeks of commencing.